A Brexit that protects the economy, workers rights and which is fair for everyone - not just the wealthy ” Michael from South West Bedfordshire
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38 Degrees members across the UK regularly share their thoughts on Brexit with each other and their MPs. Here is a sample of what they’re saying.

I want all the devolved powers returned to the devolved countries. Not kept in westminster. ” Mary, 38 Degrees member, Angus
The more people who have a say, the more likely most people will be happy with the outcome ” Moira, 38 Degrees Member, Pendle
Whether we are in or out of the EU, the countries and people of Europe need to live and work together for the common good. ” Graham, 38 Degrees member, Brent North
A Brexit that keeps Britain as a prosperous, trading nation with a decent standard of living for all; tolerant, fair-minded and open-minded, that has the expertise, money, and people to care for all needs, including education and health, whether young and old in sickness and in health. ” Hazel, 38 Degrees member, Loughborough