Our People-Powered Vision

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All across the UK, 38 Degrees members are talking about Brexit to each other, their neighbours, and their local MPs. They’re working together to champion ideas to help our country get the best from Brexit.

Within days of the referendum, large numbers of 38 Degrees members from both sides of the Brexit debate started to express a desire to work together to try to influence Brexit for the better.

Coming together in their thousands, 38 Degrees members decided on a people-powered vision for how Brexit should work for Britain. Over 500,000 people have already taken part: completing online surveys, joining in with conference calls, writing contributions to the policy itself and donating money to fund expert research.

They’ve taken part in a detailed discussion about six different aspects of Brexit: the NHS, the economy, trade policy, the environment, our rights, and immigration. So far, over 8 million votes have been cast in total on different proposals.

Now, 38 Degrees members are taking these proposals to their MPs. As of September 2017, 170 meetings have taken place up and down the country to discuss the vision. These meetings have proven to be highly constructive for both MPs and members in their constituency.

A long process of negotiation, debate, and law-making lies ahead. 38 Degrees members will work together and with their MPs throughout that process to stand up for the principles they care about. They’ll make sure that the public gets a proper say in how Brexit happens. In the weeks, months and years ahead, 38 Degrees will champion the belief that democracy works better when more of us take part.

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