DIY Brexit MP Meeting – Jo Churchill (Conservative)

We met with our local MP Jo Churchill and our local mayor Barry Humphreys to discuss the 38 Degrees People Powered Vision for Brexit which puts forward the concerns of 38 Degrees members on how we deal with Brexit and how we get the most out of it for the people of Britain. We were a mix of leavers and remainers so it was great opportunity to sit down with Jo and discuss how Brexit would affect our constituency and how we could make the best of it.

We spoke to Jo about how Brexit will effect the NHS, trade and jobs. Jo was particularly concerned with what will happen to EU farming subsidies, she spoke to us about visiting local farms and wanting to focus on protecting local jobs.

It felt like a really worthwhile thing to do, I would definitely want to speak to her again. One part of experience I found particularly interesting was meeting and hearing the views of the other 38 Degrees members in my group and what mattered to them, it was empowering to be part of a team.

In photo: Laura, 38 Degrees Member, Bury St.Edmunds

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